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Nirvata Spinal ChiGong

Spinal ChiGong

The spine is intimately related to all the internal organs and all electrical energy passes through it. If the internal organs are stressed, diseased, this will result in the spinal nerves becoming irritated causing the spine to misalign and distort. This relationship is circular. If you have any spinal distortion this will ultimately effect and irritate the spinal nerves causing pain and suffering within the internal organs.

The body when given a chance will always float to a position of more functional ease and balance. We will be working together to release our past habits of poor posture, and with renewed vitality we can all dance into this year. We work through the pulse beat to dissolve pain in the muscles, suffering within the organs and aching within our bones.

In relaxing the muscles we can breath, then it becomes easy to change our negative habits of poor posture. We will introduce specific stretching exercises for your own engagement as this gives you exercises to take home. Learning what is our optimum vertical posture within gravity and maintaining it is true freedom.

Nirvata Spinal ChiGong is a balance of what you can do for yourself and for others. Healer heal thyself.