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This website is a sincere effort to rekindle an old flame. This flame is referred to as sunrise in your posture.

"We can all rise out of our self imposed suffering, of always having a stiff neck or back pain. A little correction within the posture is worth millions in the course of prevention. To sit for example only upon the sit bones has become absolutely essential, and it is simply natural. We are conditioned to sit on the coccyx sacrum and this has had negative effects on the rest of the spine.

In all the dictionaries around the world we have the same terminology for the sit bones, these are the bones for sitting. But if you look gently at the collective unconscious operating in the world, we can see clearly individuals not sitting on their sit bones but sitting or shall we say slumping onto the spinal base. And this is where the real problem is ignited as we do not feel electrically grounded.

All commercial electricity must be earthed to make its use safe, and therefore the same is true within our own bio-electrical energy flow. This bio-electricity runs along our bones and also needs to be earthed, grounded to make its use safe. Hence if you break a bone, the doctor says try and move your fingers or toes, and if you cannot do this, it is because the electricity is not able to flow over the broken area. A few weeks in plaster and the fingers or toes begin to move again, as the bridge is repaired. Once the bone is knitted the electrical current can flow freely and the plaster is removed.

Therefore the system of Spinal ChiGong is working upon points which exist on the skeleton, plugging into the already existing electrical current flow and enhancing it. Our personal electrical energy must be maintained in an earthed fashion, grounded, and this will improve respiration, digestion , assimilation and elimination, all of these processes we usually take for granted."

From the Interview with Nirvata