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Nirvata Pulse Bodywork

Osho Tibetan Pulsing Healing

is a deeply relaxing hands on experience with two or more people involved. Meditation is the key factor here. The active partners give all of their energy in concentration on the pulse beat as the receptive partner relaxes and totally lets go.

A sensitive loving atmosphere is created where one can release negative electrical charges held in the body as pain, aching or suffering. This is all about removing blockages in a pleasurable way through meditation and the pulse beat. By allowing your hands to pulse with your heartbeat and then applying this sensitive touch to specific points upon the skeleton it then becomes possible to plug into the body's electrical current flow.

Once we are in contact with this internal life energy it can be enhanced and intensified to the level of a cool electrical fire. This fire is then directed against the static electrical blockages which produces aching in our bones suffering in our organs and pain in our muscles. The melting of these fixed charges produces the sensation of pleasure as the body is purified of its past.

" In my experience of many forms of meditation and bodywork Nirvata Pulse Bodywork stands out as being one of the most potent methods of today. And yet this virtually unknown practice has had amazing success on the international self-help and personal growth scene.
Unlike other body work which is available today Nirvata Pulse Bodywork has as its motor force the pulse beat. When for example you hold pain or tension within the body it is gathered within the soft tissues and has roots all the way down to the bone.
These tensions are vulnerable to the pulse and release effortlessly as if re-united with a long awaited lover. They simply dissolve in the relaxation produced as an effect of a loving pulsing touch. Combining the pulse with sound we have a powerful healing tool."

Article "Healing Sounds" by Nirvata