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Nirvata Bodywork

Chinese Cupping

It is very important when establishing a Sunrise Posture to have some bodywork or a massage session weekly, to support the changes that manifest.

Chinese cupping also helps to break up structural congestion. When we aspire to a new energized posture we soon become aware of the tensions still dominating us from our past defeated positions.

These are structural holding patterns which are still being held within the body. It is so important to lift ourselves up, as the collective habit dominating upon this planet is that of low vitality, and now has become predictability in movement all over the earth.

"Sunrise posture is a creative option if we want to live within gravity relaxed and vertical. All effort of an unaware society is to repress our vitality, and by not looking out for the children's posture we are sabotaging our collective future. Have a good look into your environment and see clearly the need today is not only to improve our own postures, but at the same time being a wise role model for the children to look up too, literally!"